Raffle by Moto Animals

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Raffle by Moto Animals

Hello riders! Do you enjoy our motorcycle designs inspired by animals, dragons, robots, or simply realistic models? How about getting unique merchandise and designs featuring your bike in the style of your choice? Join Moto Animals’ raffle and become the lucky winner of exclusive prizes!


You will get a custom-designed artwork (in digital format), as well as a t-shirt and hoodie featuring this design. We cover all shipping expenses.

How to participate:

Purchase at least 1 ticket priced at $5 each, after which you will receive an email with your order number. This number will be used in the selection of the winner.

Yes! The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning as the number of tickets is highly limited.

PS. Enter your nickname on social networks in the “Order status (optional)” field so that I can contact you in case of victory, if the field remains empty, I will contact you via mail.

When are the results announced?

The results of the raffle will be announced via Instagram live, the date of which will be determined after all 100 tickets are sold.

Winner selection rules:

The winner will be chosen using the Randomizer on the website https://www.random.org/lists/. All order numbers (which are also ticket numbers) will be loaded into the randomizer, and the first ticket on the list will be the winner.

Afterwards, I will contact the winner via email or social media and will be delighted to create the design and merchandise of your choice for you. Let’s go!