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The history of Yamaha consists of many significant events. For a long time, the name Yamaha had nothing to do with bikes at all. The founder of the company, the son of an astronomer from the city of Nagasaki, Torakusu Yamaha, was passionately in love with music. In 1890, his firm was the world leader in the production of musical instruments. The company was actively developing and brought colossal revenues to the treasury, but the situation changed dramatically after the Second World War. Residents of an impoverished, devastated Japan had no time for entertainment and the company’s management had to look for new ways of development.

To start folding motorcycles on machines that used to produce strings and keys from morning until night was a somewhat crazy idea. Moreover, at that time, there was a big competition in the motor market of Japan. More than 150 companies were battling each other for market share. To get involved in this war without having any experience in this area was at least risky.

But cowards do not race on the highways, and those who are afraid to take risks never achieve outstanding success. The company’s management took that risk and made the right decision. In 1950, a new milestone began in the history of Yamaha. The first model YA-1 or as it was later called the “red dragonfly” was presented to the general public. It was an improved prototype of the German DKW RT125 motorcycle, but it was significantly superior in terms of equipment.

The Japanese were especially scrupulous about their first motorbike. Before launching it on the market, they made the YA-1 motorcycle travel 10 thousand kilometers. Surely convinced that the design of their invention is flawless, they let the “red dragonfly” out. The success was overwhelming. Yamaha motorcycles begin to actively participate in sports competitions and beat Honda several times. Since then, a long confrontation between the two industrial giants began, which continues to this day. If you belong to the Yamaha camp, then under you is a light, fast, and high-tech motoanimal. You can customize his style using products from our biker accessories shop.


What do we have for your Yamaha Motorbike?


Customize your motorcycle with Yamaha stickers. They are made on a durable vinyl backing, hold well and look very stylish. We have stickers for the tank, windshield, helmet, and other parts. Don’t forget that we are talking about the original design. There are over 80 motoanimals in our collection. You can customize and buy the decals kit for a specific Yamaha model and make your bike stand out from the rest.

If your bike is not a new one, then you may have tried to improve its appearance with stickers before. In this case, remove the old ones before gluing the new Yamaha decals. Just do not try to do this with a knife or any other sharp object. You can easily scratch the surfacebut painting it later can cost a lot. To remove the old sticker easily and without unnecessary problems, use a hairdryer. Under the jet of hot air, the glue will quickly melt and the sticker will easily peel off the surface. Then it will need to be treated with grease with a solvent, wiped dry with a soft cloth, and only after that start gluing new stickers.

If you are looking for a gift for a Yamaha motorcycle fan, then here you can pick up a whole set. It can be not only stickers but also posters, key chains, and stylish cups. All products are manufactured in the USA. Our souvenirs are individual design, high quality, and a very pleasant surprise for any biker.


Comfortable and stylish biker clothing for sale


Not only the motorcycle should have its own unique individual style, but its owner too. If you want to look as a one with your motoanimal, we have Yamaha hoodies and T-shirts with original prints. If you look at the label, you will see that our clothes are made from mostly natural fabrics. All T-shirts in the online store are 100% cotton. They allow your body to breathe, so in such clothes, you will feel as comfortable as possible. It is these light cotton t-shirts and soft sweatshirts that are the best to wear under a heavy leather biker jacket.

Most of the clothes are unisex. By choosing the right size, you will get a great new thing not only for yourself but also for your girlfriend. The motorcycle shirts have several cut options – regular fit and slim fit. The first option is completely free, the second is more fitted. In order for you may to receive clothes of the appropriate size, we have placed a detailed size guide on the site. Just take your old T-shirt or hoodie, measure its length and width, and then compare these numbers with the numbers in the table. If you have any difficulties, contact us. We are always ready to help you choose exactly what you need.

Another important point is the quality of the print. It adheres securely to the fabric and nothing will happen to it for sure. You can safely put it in the washing machine and not worry that the drawing will come off. Above all, do not wash T-shirts and hoodies in too hot water and do not use extremely high dry mode. Otherwise, there is no additional hassle with such clothes.

We start working immediately after we receive your order. You can choose not only the color, size, and style of the clothes but also the color of the print itself. Many people choose a color that matches their motorcycle. Thus, you will further emphasize your similarity. If you place an order right now, then in 10-13 business days you will be able to try on your new biker clothing.

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