Honda CBR600F4i Clothing

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Honda CBR600F4i Clothing for Passionate Riders

Greetings! Thank you for stopping by at Moto Animals. Dive into our exceptional assortment of hand-drawn designs specifically created for the 2001-2006 CBR600F4i motorcycle model. Explore our Honda CBR600F4i Clothing collection and select a memento that reflects your enthusiasm for this remarkable superbike.

Every design is carefully fashioned to perfectly align with the colors of the respective motorcycle models. If you can’t find the precise match you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re excited to personalize a color that harmonizes seamlessly with your cherished motorcycle.

Honda CBR600F4i 2001-2006 colors:

Honda CBR600F

  • F 2001 Pearl Flash Yellow
  • F 2001 Sparkling Red
  • F 2001-2002 Accurate Silver Metallic
  • F 2001-2002 Black
  • F 2002 Sparkling Red
  • F 2003 Accurate Silver Metallic
  • F 2003-2005 Black
  • F 2004 Italian Red
  • F 2005 Iron Nail Silver Metallic
  • F 2005 Italian Red
  • F 2006 Digital Silver Metallic
  • F 2006 Italian Red

Honda CBR600Fi

  • F4I 2001 Pearl Fadeless White
  • F4I 2001-2002 Winning Red
  • F4I 2001-2003 Accurate Silver
  • F4I 2002 Pearl Flash Yellow
  • F4I 2003 Accurate Silver Metallic
  • F4I 2004 Black & Pearl Flash Yellow
  • F4I 2004 Black & Winning Red
  • F4I 2005 Candy Glory Red
  • F4I 2005 Iron Nail Silver Metallic
  • F4I 2006 Candy Tahitian Blue
  • F4I 2006 Pearl Yellow & Metallic Titanium

Honda CBR600Fi Sport

  • FS 2001-2002 Winning Red
  • FS 2002 Accurate Silver Metallic
  • FS 2002 Pearl Fadeless White

Honda CBR600Fi Rossi Replica

  • 2001-2002 Pearl Flash Yellow (Rossi)

Personal CBR600F4i design:

Discover our exclusive collection of motorcycle-inspired designs, showcasing lifelike, dragon-themed, animal-inspired, and robotic motifs. With a wide array of choices, there’s an ideal selection for every enthusiast.

If you’re in search of a truly unique design, our specialty lies in creating personalized designs that cater to your individual preferences.