About Moto Animals

The story of the Moto Animals brand began in 2016 when I had the idea to create a motorcycle group on Facebook. I needed a logo, and at that time, I owned a Yamaha YZF R1 from 2009, which reminded me of a bee. That became the basis for our first design, and it was followed by 11 more models that laid the foundation for Moto Animals.

First design - About Moto Animals
First design Yamaha YZF R1, 2016

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Our first model releases received mixed reactions – some loved them, while others criticized them. Many people started asking about stickers, t-shirts, and other merchandise, but I had no idea where to begin or how to produce them. Despite this, the overwhelming response and comments on Facebook pushed me to find manufacturers and invest some of my savings into making merch (though, in hindsight, it wasn’t the best decision).

I received numerous requests from people (as I still do) to turn their bikes into animal-themed designs. I started working on new designs, but I struggled with the production and quality of the merchandise. Sadly, the initial t-shirts were of poor quality due to heat transfer printing, and I eventually had to discontinue them. In the end, it turned out to be a disastrous idea, and I ended up losing $17,000, which was nearly all of my available funds. Nevertheless, I donated around 1500 t-shirts to a charitable organization, but it was definitely a failed venture financially.

Additionally, the limited assortment of just 12 designs disappointed many customers who desired more variety. Consequently, I put this venture on hold for two years.

Another chance for Moto Animals

In 2018, when I was still unsure about my next move after the failure, everything changed. My friend, suggested removing the group logo from a t-shirt and sticking to just the animal design. He also advised finding a print-on-demand company that could handle production and shipping. I decided to follow his advice, and it turned out to be a game-changer. I resumed creating designs and expanded the collection with dozens of new models, offering them in multiple colors. Although most of the earnings went into printing and shipping, it allowed me to focus on creating new designs and enriching the collection. Another friend of mine helped me create a website and taught me how to manage it. Since then, we have started working as a team and continue to improve the website, introduce new designs and experiment with ideas.

Some significant milestones along the way:

  • At the end of 2019, we tried to create 3D figurines depicting Ducati Panigale. We wanted people to be able to assemble a collection of different models, or just use it as a souvenir, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic suspended this project.
  • In 2020, we met a talented graphic designer who joined me in creating over 150 posters. We continue to collaborate, producing graphics for new designs.
  • In 2021, we met with a skilled animator and several talented 3D designers, leading to the creation of seven animated models. However, more animated models require considerable investment.

You can find these animated Moto Animals models here:

Since 2022, I’ve been offering custom designs and custom color options on request, which has been instrumental in sustaining the project and fueling its growth. We immensely grateful to all those who have commissioned personalized designs and allowed us to add them to our store.

Future Plans and Ideas:

We believe in Moto Animals because we see what emotions and joy our designs bring. Some of our aspirations for the future include:

  • Creating designs for all motorcycle models, especially the top models. This endeavor poses challenges, given the vast number of motorcycle models and variations. Nevertheless, the support from the community and personal requests motivate us to continue expanding the collection.
  • Animating all the animals in our collection. This is an ambitious project that requires professional 3D designers and animators, which is a considerable expense. However, achieving this would be a major step toward creating an animated series.
  • Creating a series of 3d Moto Animals figurines for various brands and models
  • Collaborating with local motorcycle shops and dealer centers. We’ve observed that people appreciate the designs even more when they see them in person. Partnering with real dealers is on our list of goals. If you own a motorcycle shop or have the means to help us distribute our designs in local stores, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Collaborating with motorcycle brands. Official partnerships with renowned motorcycle brands not only earn us recognition within the motorcycle community but also offer incredible opportunities. Imagine buying a new motorcycle and receiving a 3D animal model along with it. It sounds amazing, right? It could potentially turn children into Moto Animals fans through their collection of our toys.
  • Creating an animated series. We often hear how cool it would be to have an animated series featuring Moto Animals. We agree, but we are aware that this is a massive undertaking. However, with your support and a well-crafted script, this dream could become a reality.

Now you know more about Moto Animals, now you are part of us

In conclusion, much has been accomplished, but there’s still much more to achieve. We are enthusiastic about bringing Moto Animals to new heights, but this can only be achieved with your support and dedication. We’ll continue creating unique content, and we sincerely thank all of you who are with us on this journey.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.